Dante6 FW19

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Wardrobe 1

The palette in wardrobe one is inspired by traditional Navajo weaving colours. We also incorporate delicate tones to soften the bolder side including Oyster pink, Toffee and Powder Puff. Red tones are an essential role in this wardrobe, with bright Lipstick red and rich Indian red. Soft Blue Blush adds a fresh element to the wardrobe.




Wardrobe 2

In Wardrobe two we concentrate on rich yellow tones with Honey Gold, Rich Caramel & Pumpkin. They are empowered by our luxury neutrals Toffee and Bitter Chocolate. Rich Caramel is seen in various textures creating rich combinations. A modern combination from this wardrobe fuses Pumpkin with Purple Haze and Bitter Chocolate.